Coupons extra fields

Coupons extra fields easily extend function the coupon at the store.
Addon supports automatic generation of coupons that allows you to create coupons to all users.

  • Automatic generation of coupons
  • Create coupon for all users
  • Generate coupons (number)
  • The length of the suffix coupon code
  • Coupon code must contain only numbers
  • Create coupon for all users
Use coupon only for:
  • For product ID (separated by ,)
  • Except product ID (separated by ,)
  • For category ID (separated by ,)
  • Except category ID (separated by ,)
  • For Label ID
  • Except Label ID (separated by ,)
  • For Manufacturer ID
  • Except Manufacturer ID (separated by ,)
  • For Vendor ID
  • Except Vendor (ID separated by ,)
  • For User Group ID
  • Except User Group (ID separated by ,)
  • Once for each user
  • Not use product with old price
  • To currency (ID separated by ,)
  • For goods with characteristic (ID separated by ,)
  • For goods, the price range that (from,to)
  • The minimum number of items in the order (in the cart)
  • Minimum order amount
  • Use limit (Limit count)
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Payment
  • Use only for guests
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Price: 29.75 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX
Extension files (Versions):
Coupons extra fields 1.0.0 (WOPshop 1.0.0 or greater)